Saturday, June 13, 2015


I have been dealing with UTI's since I was a kid. And as an adult, I get one about every 6-months. It's no fun, and it hurts. And I think it is about that us ladies take charge of our Urinary Tract Health. And Uricalm can help!
Uricalm Maximum Strength Tablets provide the maximum non-prescription strength of clinically proven Phenazopyridine HCI to relieve pain, burning, increased frequency, and sensation of urgency associated with urinary tract infections. Uricalm Max has 99.5mg of Phenazopyridine HCI - no other OTC brand contains more of this highly effective medicine that works right at the source of UTI pain. Plus, Uricalm Max contains cranberry, which is used extensively by those concerned about urinary tract health.
Uricalm Cranberry and Uricalm CranGuard are concentrated supplements which, when taken every day, help maintain urinary tract health. Help support your body’s own natural defenses with two ingredients trusted by millions of women. Uricalm Cranberry products feature a powerful combination of two ingredients known to support urinary tract health: Cranberry and D-Mannose. Scientific studies have shown a link between consuming cranberry and maintaining a healthy urinary tract. Plus, D-Mannose helps prevent the adherence of certain microorganisms to the walls of the urinary tract - allowing the body’s natural defenses to maintain a healthy urinary tract.

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