Thursday, June 25, 2015

(in)courage Blocks By DaySpring

The whole concept of letterpress blocks from back in the day was that the raised letters were inked and pressed against a sheet of paper to create an impression, like for signs or newspapers, etc.. And while you aren’t printing anything with the new (in)courage blocks, they certainly can make quite an impression in your home. There are a variety of words already available for purchase at DaySpring for you to choose from. You can choose a word from there selection, or you can create your own word like I did!
I chose our family last name, because I feel like it means something. When I married my husband, I gave up my maiden name to be joined with him, and become a part of his family. When we had children, they were given our last name. A family name is a name that carries on through generations. It means something. Something to be proud of.
Check it all out at DaySpring on Facebook, as well as DaySpring on Twitter.


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