Friday, June 12, 2015

Dreft - From Babyhood To Childhood

Moms have made Dreft a part of washing baby clothes for over 80 years. Now, Dreft has a product for every stage of babyhood. Get to know the happy family of baby detergents, laundry care, and fabric care products. Formulated to be gentle on baby's skin and tough on stains, Dreft has you covered every step of the way on the big, messy, beautiful journey ahead.
I got to try some of the new Dreft products, and love them all! Dreft Multi Surface Cleaner works to keep baby's surroundings clean and hygienic without any harmful chemicals. This spray is specially formulated to effectively clean surfaces, and it can be used to clean toys, glass, counters and more. All ingredients in the cleaner are derived from natural sources.

Babies. Easy on the eyes, not so much on the nose sometimes. Dreft Fabric Refresher and Odor Eliminator helps get the stink out of fabric, carpet, and upholstery often left behind by baby messes.
Dreft Gentle Clean Multi-Surface Wipes go wherever little ones may wander. They’re pre-moistened and formulated for babies to swiftly clean any surface they get their hands on. Toys, glass, counters. Use your imagination. Then go wipe down whatever you imagined because baby is probably touching it. 

Check it all out at Dreft on Facebook, as well as Dreft on Twitter.


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  1. How great that Dreft makes all those products now! My kids all had skin issues, so I used Dreft to wash all their clothing and bedding for their first year.


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