Thursday, June 11, 2015

Booty Fresh

Yes, you read that right. This is a post about booties. Butts. Bums! I'm not too proud to talk about this subject. There is a revolutionary product out there that goes where soaps, wipes, and toilet paper can't. Toilet Paper leaves little bits behind. Simply cleaning the surface with soap and water is not enough, because bacteria has sunk into the skin. Booty Fresh pulls out what you've been sitting in all day. I know it seems gross, but come on, let's be honest here. Booty Fresh is not a coverup nor a perfume. With one full application of Booty Fresh, and with normal bathing, you won't notice offensive odor from the offending area for up to 7 days.
We spend so much time on our hair, face, and outward appearance, but then we forget our most offensive area! Finish the job, and have the complete confidence that you are clean and sexy. Manage embarrassing odor caused by bodily ailments and illnesses. Okay for kids and even pets! Get your Booty Fresh, and love your butt!

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