Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Keeping Pace With The Energy Industry On Social Media

If you have paid any attention at all to the astounding explosion of social media channels, you will know that they have been adopted for the use of all manner of uses, from the daily diary of private individuals, all the way up to the media campaigns of huge multinational corporations. You may also be aware that the giants of energy production, from Exxon to Mobile and all great and small producers in between, have adopted the use of social media for the purpose of promoting themselves.

Social Media Is A Valuable Force For Knowledge
However, it should be noted that the existence of international social media outlets is a positive boon, not only for the dissemination of corporate advertising, but for the spread of important and useful knowledge. For example, people who are following the ongoing debate between the competing energy sources of fossil fuel and other sources being heralded as "clean" or "renewable" can use social media as a means of gaining valuable information concerning the latest findings and conclusions that are relevant to the discussion.

Using Social Media To Gain Valuable Knowledge And Insight
Social media is a tool, both for credible information and scurrilous propaganda, and must be treated with some caution and reserve. However, once the double edged nature of the medium is acknowledged, the fact remains that social media can be used as a force for making available a great deal of useful knowledge and insights that might have gone ignored or under reported in the past.

For example, many salient facts, such as the discovery of apparently "self renewing" sources of natural gas and oil in the offshore region of the Gulf of Mexico, have recently come to light, thanks to social media channels. Many other important facts and discoveries may well come to the attention of the public in the future in the same fashion.

Energy Producers Have A Verified Presence On Social Media
Thanks to the advent of the Internet age, there is really no more excuse for a person who is avidly interested in these matters to find themselves out of the proverbial loop. Most energy production companies and regulatory bodies alike have a verified presence on social media. For example, Sentry Energy Production LLC tweets regular updates concerning its latest doings and findings, and there are plenty of other members of the energy production industry that do likewise.

Poised On The Brink Of A Great Breakthrough
In the end, the present Information Age has done wonders for the spread of knowledge, as well as fostering a new spirit of international cooperation. Thanks to the Internet, we have a whole new level of transparency and accountability when it comes to matters concerning the production of energy, whether from fossil fuels or from clean and renewable sources. As a result, we are now hopefully poised upon the brink of a new age of safety, security, and unlimited access to reliable sources of energy.

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