Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Nature Rocks!

Nature rocks! Something about exploring connects you and grounds you to the world. Exploring Nature is good for everyone, but especially for the young. Being active outside helps to make kids feel more confident and it can actually promote problem-solving skills. The infographic provided by The Nature Conservancy tells us that a simple 20 minute walk outside can improve concentration and creative reasoning in children. There are many distractions that children can encounter throughout the day. They have school, sports, friends, and getting used to life in general. All these things stress out adults and they definitely stress out kids. Often the over stimulation of one sense is the stresser. The outdoors targets all six senses. There are stimuli everywhere, and that is what kids need. Kids need to be engaged and active. They will be our presidents, CEO’s, teachers, doctors, and mechanics. They will need to have a connection and to feel respect for our planet because they are going to have to be creative to fix a lot of issues. The solution to providing a more secure and positive future is right outside the front door. Get children engaged and learning that life is is much more than what you see and hear at school. A child that goes outside often shows a higher moral, lower stress levels, and more creativity than others. As the title of this infographic states, nature helps kids live better and learn better.

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