Thursday, March 12, 2015

Victor Scent-Away Rodent Repellers

Victor, a world leader in rodent control, has added two all-natural rodent repellers to its line of proven mouse control products. The new Victor Scent-Away Drops and Scent-Away Repeller Packs are designed for use in confined spaces and provide a humane alternative to mouse traps and poisons. The convenient repellents use 100% peppermint oil to safely and effectively repel mice. While the minty odor is repugnant to rodents and sends them scurrying away, the scent is non-offensive to humans.
Victor Scent-Away Drops are one of the most convenient, effective, and cost-effective mouse repellents on the market today, thanks to a number of standout features. A smart housing design prevents the peppermint oil from spilling and drying out. A permeable membrane slowly releases the minty scent of the oil, effectively repelling mice up to 60 days. A transparent End-of-Life Indicator window makes it easy to monitor the oil level so you know when it’s time to replace the repellent drop.
Victor Scent-Away Repeller Packs contain small peppermint oil infused granules that pack a powerful punch. The mouse-repelling granules are contained in a permeable mesh pouch that allows the natural peppermint scent to radiate throughout the protected area. The granules are specially designed to release the peppermint scent for up to 30 days, providing long-lasting mouse control. The easy-to-use Scent-Away peppermint oil repellents can be used indoors to repel rodents virtually anywhere mice tend to invade. They are ideal for use in confined spaces, such as closets, drawers, cupboards, attics, basements, storage units, vehicles, RV’s and boats. Each package of Scent-Away Drops contains three mouse repellent drops. Five packs of granular repellers are included in each package of Scent-Away Repeller Packs. Both products may be purchased at leading retailers or online at

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