Monday, March 16, 2015

#TrackDexter On Spring Break With #NATM3Insiders

Some kids are on Spring Break now, and some kids' breaks have ended. Here in our small town school district, the kiddos do not get a Spring Break. They go to school 4 days a week, and therefore get less time off for breaks and holidays. This is okay, we love it like that here! So, Callan did not get a Spring Break, but we still had fun Tracking Dexter! 
With the help of Twentieth Century Fox, we were able to chronicle Dexter's Spring Break adventures. Callan received:
1 Official Dexter plush
1 Passport to fill in (with his photo!)
1 Travel Journal for memories
Postcards for Dexter to send to friends
1 Personalized Dexter tote bag
The idea is that Dexter is on the loose (like how he is in the film!) and he is being tracked around the country! In our small part of the country, Dexter had lots of fun! All the snow is just about melted, and the weather has been fantastic! Callan has been able play outside, and even go on bike rides! Dexter went on a bike ride! He accidentally fell in a puddle, ruh-roh! But, that is just pay back for the "peeing incident" in the movie - Night at the Museum 3, which arrived on Blu-ray/DVD/Digital HD March 10th.

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