Thursday, March 5, 2015

Suncam Rite Mitts Oven Mitts

This set of Suncam Rite Mitts oven mitts are premium quality. Perfect for handling hot items in your oven or for a barbeque. Do your mitts get too hot? Do they get worn out and discolored? Do they protect your hands and wrists? The 100% flame retardant cotton is the answer to your problems. They are heat resistant and have a silver coating. These oven mitts are the most durable available. Outdoor or indoor use. Offers protection when using in an oven or an outdoor barbeque. The silver coating gives added protection from heat and flames!
Unlike other protective oven mitts, the Silver Coating unique materials never wear out. All Silver Coating mitts are made with top quality materials with your high standards in focus. The Silver Coating comes with a full 3-Month Manufacturer's Warranty.

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