Sunday, March 29, 2015

Geospace Toys

Now that it is officially Spring, and the weather is warming up, Callan wants to be outside all the time. We still have not really unpacked the garage, where his outside toys are stashed, since we moved. So he gets kind of bored outside. But not now with the cool new toys we got from Geospace!
GeoFlux magically transforms from what looks like a series of rings into a wondrous 3-D sculpture that resembles a giant atom or an extra planetary orchid! What’s more, when you insert your hand through the coils GeoFlux begins to spiral up and down your arms, spinning so fast it’s a blur of motion. GeoFlux can then bridge over to your other arm, staying in perpetual motion. A fantastic party trick and exercise tool, it fluxes easily from person to person. Or place GeoFlux on a broom handle, lower one end slightly, and watch as it moves along the shaft, twirling so rapidly it looks like a giant soap bubble. Constructed of one continuous band of rugged stainless steel, GeoFlux folds flat for easy storage in the included travel pouch.
Game Time Ping Pong - Tap, tap, Slam! With all the feverish action and giggle-inducing fun of one of the world’s most popular sport, the new Game Time Ping Pong set is a hit with kids everywhere. It’s a snap to set up on any table, thanks to suction cups on the two net posts. Players stand at opposite ends of the table, using the two paddles to swat the balls back and forth, using underspin, topspin, sidespin, delicately placing shots just over the net or going for the corners.

Check it all out at Geospace on Facebook, as well as Geospace on Twitter.

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