Saturday, February 7, 2015

The "F Word" Soap

All of the products by Fuck Soap are vegan, not tested on animals, are sodium lauryl sulfate free, and feature sustainably harvested ingredients. It's soap that gives a fuck, about you, your sexual health, and the environment! In addition, as Fuck Soap believes in safe, consensual fucking of all stripes and flavors as well as planned spawning, the sacredness of bodily autonomy, and living, laughing, loving for all; a portion of all fucks sold will go to a rotating selection of nonprofits that support equality, reproductive rights, and groups that offer aid to victims of domestic and sexual abuse.
 I received the soaps and totally am in love with them, because they are cute and cool sure, but also, because they work and feel great! The Classic Fuck - This is the classic Fuck Soap design featuring a smooth vanilla white high quality outer soap that says “Live Laugh Love” and after a few weeks of use reveals its inner red fuck. The Classic Fuck comes in a classy brown kraft box with a lighter brown sleeve.

The Frenemy - Same as the Classic Fuck design except that all mentions of the word fuck have been removed from the packaging. Your frenemy will receive a seemingly-generic, seemingly-harmless “Live Laugh Love” white vanilla soap and after a few weeks of use will benefit from the best kind of surprise when the inner fuck is slowly revealed, giving you plenty of time to leave the country. The Frenemy comes in a cream box with a light warm brown sleeve suitable for gift giving.
 Floating Fuck - For those who love their fucks less subtle, enter the floating fuck. Perfect for the guest bathroom, this fuck never tries to hide its true colors. Available in semi-transparent aloe with a hint of almond and red opaque soap letters, and comes in a deep red box with a gray sleeve suitable for gift giving.
 The Heavenly Fuck - Same as the Floating Fuck but the inner opaque fuck is white for the most Kubrickian bathrooms. The perfect gift for your very farsighted grandmother, this fuck revels in all its holy glory until worn down by use. Available in aloe with a hint of almond and white opaque letters. Comes in a white pearly box with a light blue sleeve suitable for gift giving.
 The Nope Soap - The Nope Soap is the perfect gift for the Charlie Brown in your life, the lover of memespeak, or that weirdo in accounting who smells bad and keeps asking you out. If you’re really looking to take passive aggressive gifting to the next level, partner this Nope with The Frenemy and sit back, relax, and let the de-friending commence. Black Nope soap letters in a clear aloe soap with a hint of almond. Comes in a cheerful black box with a crisp white sleeve suitable for gift-giving.
 The EquaLoveTy Soap - In several states, Love is still the filthiest word around. This soap celebrates Marriage Equality with inner opaque rainbow letters in an aloe semi-transparent base with a hint of almond. Comes in a red box with a colorful sleeve suitable for gift-giving.

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  1. These are awesome! I totally just found stocking stuffers for next year!


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