Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Hoops For Hearts - Please #Donate

My son Callan is joining millions of others to help save lives with the American Heart Association! At his school, he is learning how he can help make a difference by raising lifesaving donations to help kids with heart disease. He is also learning about his own heart, and how to keep it healthy. And he is getting active! He is excited about raising money for other kids - kids with hearts that don't exactly work right and to help fund new medicines and treatments to be discovered.
Callan was able to raise over $400 last year when he did this, and was so pleased to help in honor of his little brother, Mason Kolb, who donated his heart valves to help someone who greatly needed it. This year, Callan is honoring his grandfather, John Decker, who passed away late 2014 due to heart disease! Please help Callan honor him, and raise money to help others in need.

Any amount helps! Thank you!

Donate HERE!

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