Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Dus-T T-Shirts

iChange Inc. has developed the world's first protective face mask attached to a shirt, built for today's world we live in. The Dus-T is a one piece t-shirt with a protective face-mask sewn just below the collar of the neckline, when protection is needed the Dus-T face-mask can be deployed in seconds giving the user immediate relief from dust, wind, and sun. Dus-T is reliable and comfortable protection that's always ready, always there with you, stowed in the collar of the patented garment when not in use.
Disposable dust masks are uncomfortable, expensive, and never there when you need them, making protecting yourself difficult, nobody seems to want to use them. Try a Dus-T on your next job and see the difference between the Dus-T and a regular dust mask - you won’t be disappointed.

Jason got a camo Dust-T, and he loves it. We recently moved, and the house has needed some work done, and he has been able to use the Dust-T, and not have to use a protective mask. Even I have used the tee just to clean, and it helps a ton when you are cleaning out cobwebs and other icky things!

Check it all out at Dus-T on Facebook, as well as Dust-T on Twitter.


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