Thursday, January 15, 2015

Okocat Cat Litter

There's a new cat in town! No longer do cat-parents need to sacrifice key performance features like superior odor control and absorption to make a natural, chemical-free, and eco-friendly choice for their households. Okocat is changing the way cat owners think about their cat's litter by offering lightweight, high performance, and natural solutions to exceed the needs of cats and the people that love them. Expect more and experience the difference.
We got to try the varieties of litter, and my favorite is the Okocat natural paper cat litter. It is lightweight paper and is firm on the outside and soft on the inside, like pulp. Dust free, so it's perfect for cats with respiratory ailments, or people with allergies. Won't track through the house like clay litters, or leave paw prints on the furniture. Fortified with Odor Shield technology for long lasting odor control. Okocat figured out how to make cat litter that's as awesome as your cat. Second to none in absorption, incredible odor control, clumping worth talking about, and natural anti-bacterial effectiveness that your mother would be proud of. Absorbs five times its volume and has 7 day odor control.

Check it all out at Okocat on Facebook, as well as Okocat on Twitter.

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