Saturday, January 31, 2015

Chalkboard Labels And Liquid Chalk Marker

The complete Chalkboard Labels bundle includes a pack of 40 Large Chalkboard Labels (8 Designs) + a Liquid Chalk Marker (that looks and feels like bright white chalk! Works on chalkboard stickers or any non-porous surface) + a Complete Digital Guide "Original and Inspiring ideas for using Chalkboard Labels" + Lifetime Guarantee! Not to mention, the satisfaction of an organized life, home, and office.
The labels works great for: pint mason Jar, cookie, canning, biscotti, or jelly jars, spice jars, spray bottle, water, or shaker bottle, home-made lotion bottle, wine glass, coffee or tea tin boxes, canisters, baskets, folders, office supplies, toy bins. The Kitchen Supreme Chalkboard Stickers for decorating and organizing your cupboards, pantry storage, garage, containers, office, parties, bakeries, coffee shop, craft projects, walls, and kids bedrooms. So many uses!

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