Fitivities - 2014 #HolidayGiftGuide

Fitivities creator, Sandy “Spin” Slade, combined her love of board games with her passion for fitness to create this one-of-a-kind game experience. Fitivities integrates physical activities into a group game setting for people of all ages, offering the buzz of a board game, with the perks of a workout. With Fitivities and some good company, a little exercise is finally a lot of fun.
The simpler the game rules, the sooner you’re playing! Fitivities is a quick-start game that begins with a roll of the die, a move of the game piece, and a flick of the spinner. Before you know it, you’re leaping into action until it’s time to roll again and move on to the next activity. When your team jogs, jumps, and twists its way completely around the game mat to cross its own finish line, your team wins! This is so much fun, especially with the little kiddos (like the 6-year-olds). It is never too early to get kids into the habit of fun exercise!

Check it all out at Fitivities on Facebook, as well as Fitivities on Twitter.



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