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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Deluxe Pet Grooming Brush

There is no quicker, easier, cleaner way to remove the loose, dead undercoat of your pet, while gaining a shiny top coat, in a matter of minutes. If you are tired of your pet leaving hair all over the house and in the car and on your clothes, this is a great product for untangling and brushing your dog or cat's hair. This is not a myth - Dogs and Cats shed. Not just a little, but a ton! So, if you are looking for a way to reduce shedding without damaging the coat and at the same time promoting your pet's healthy skin and a shiny coat then CLD Brands Deluxe Brush is all you need.

Use it on short and long hair dogs and cats; both small and large breeds. Features:
• High quality, deluxe pet brush
• Made of durable wood and metal
• Brush is 7" x 4" at its widest
• Handle is contoured in the middle for a better grip
• Metal bristles are 7/8"

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