Friday, November 21, 2014

Berry Breeze

Fridge frustrations. We all have them. Between smelly odors, mold, and fresh foods going bad just days after purchase, we've grown accustomed to dealing with fridge frustrations on the regular. Until now.

Introducing, Berry Breeze: A compact device that filters and cleans the air in your fridge. Berry Breeze is scientifically proven to:
-Put an end to the premature aging of fruits, veggies, and meats
-Naturally kill odors
-Naturally kill molds, yeasts and fungi known to spoil foods
-Neutralize bacteria and other harmful microbes
-Keep us healthier by maintaining food's freshness and nutritional value
-Save an estimated $2,200 per year per household by avoiding spoilage of food in the fridge
Unlike products claiming similar benefits, Berry Breeze is a chemical-free, filter-free, and absorption pack-free solution. Berry Breeze's patented time release of oxygen neutralizes bacteria and mold, eliminates pollutants, and keeps foods fresh for up to ten days longer. Simply set the Berry Breeze on the top shelf of your refrigerator to start enjoying a fresh fridge and longer lasting foods instantly.

This really works, even better than a box of that powdered stuff in your fridge! Perfect for the holiday season when you are bound to have a lot of leftovers.

Check it all out at Berry Breeze on Facebook, as well as Berry Breeze on Twitter.


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