Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Jenni Rivera La Gran Senora Reposado Tequila - 2014 #HolidayGiftGuide

Can you think of that friend, co-worker or relative that just loves all things Tequila? Whether they love it straight, mixed into a margarita, or part of a dessert gift - Jenni Rivera La Gran Señora Tequila is great for the Tequila lover in your life.

Here are a few facts about Jenni Rivera La Gran Señora Tequila Origin:
  • From Jalisco, Mexico Developed by late Mexican-American Singer-Songwriter Jenni Rivera.
  • Variations: Blanco ($39), Reposado ($45.99), Añejo ($49.99).
  • Jenni Rivera La Gran Señora Tequila was an idea of Jenni Rivera to compete with the Don’s of the Tequila world, just as she did in her music.
The Reposado, which I received, has a delicious scent of citrus, peach, and apple. Clean, fresh palate followed by a spicy, fruity finish. It is okay for shots, but this is more of the sort of Tequila you would want to mix in a drink!

You can buy this Tequila at your local liquor store, or at the Liquor Barn online.

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  1. This is an amazing cocktail. To be honest I love tequila and mezcal cocktails. They are amazing. 1942 is a great choice.


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