Friday, October 10, 2014

Freetoes Toeless Socks

Freetoes toeless socks are the newest sock sensation sweeping across the North America! They were designed by a very creative nine year old fashion designer named Kate. She needed toeless socks that she could wear with her flip flops and sandals, when she couldn't find any in a store she decided to design her own toeless socks. They are great for wearing after a day at the beach when your feet get a little chilly but you still want to wear your sandals or flip flops. Freetoes are toe free, crazy, fun socks!
Freetoes also work great for pedicures to keep your feet warm and cozy while the polish is being applied. Then when your done, easily slip on your flip-flops while waiting for the nail polish to dry. They also help to keep moisturizing cream close to the skin.

Wear Freetoes for Yoga! They keep your feet warm while still allowing the toes to grip the mat. With so many styles available and more on the way you are sure to find the perfect color and print to match all of your favorite yoga wear.

Also, Freeotes are perfect for dance. They allow your heels to slide while letting you use your toes to grip the floor. They also help to keep your heels from drying out from contact with the wooden floor. And your feet stay warm in between dance numbers.

I received several cute pairs of these, and I love them. I wear mine around the house, to keep my feet warm, while not having to wear clunky slippers! Love them!

Check it all out at Freetoes on Facebook.

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