Friday, October 10, 2014

Cascade Ice Sparkling Water Launches Two New Flavors

Cascade Ice Sparkling Water has two newest flavors! Organic Blueberry and Organic Grapefruit join the lineup with Mixed Berry, Lemon Zest, Citrus Twist and Lemon Lime.
Cascade Ice USDA Certified Organics are free of unnecessary and unhealthy extras found in other flavored waters like calories, sodium, caffeine, sweeteners, gluten, and sugar. Compared to many popular soda brands which can contain upwards of 38 grams of sugar, Cascade Ice beverages are sugar-free and full of flavor. Cascade Ice Organics are made with premium water and organic fruit essences to create the six delicious flavors. The sparkling waters have a delightful fizz combined with natural fruit oils and extracts. Cascade Ice Organics are available for purchase at retailers such as Albertson’s and Kroger, among many others.

Callan loves these waters and drinks them like there is no tomorrow! Yum!

Check it all out at Cascade Ice on Facebook, as well as Cascade Ice on Twitter.

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