Thursday, September 4, 2014

Shark Week: Predator Of The Deep

Shark Week is back with an insatiable appetite, serving up more than 3.5 hours of the stealthiest stalkers from the ocean deep. This Discovery Channel fan-favorite risks life and limb quite literally to bring you the ultimate up-close look at these captivating creatures. You'll witness the bite of a Great White and see the human lives left in its wake. You'll take a terrifying trip on a flimsy life-raft deep into shark-infested waters. And you'll take an unforgettable ride on the Great White Highway and peer into the inky black eyes of its mysterious travelers. Plus, in honor of Shark Week's 25th anniversary, dive in deep to deliver the eeriest encounters and biggest bites in Shark Week history. So pull up a steel-caged chair and relax as hundreds of hungry sharks converge to claim their undisputed title as the oceans apex predator. 

I only recently (the last few years) have gotten into Shark Week. Gasp, I know, I know! But I love it, and  this DVD is awesome!

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