Saturday, September 27, 2014

Fall Skin Refresher Featuring Bremenn Clinical

Instead of neglecting your skincare regimen for busy back-to-school responsibilities, simplify it without skimping! Bremenn Clinical Skin Care offers a variety of products to get you out the door stat while still looking youthfully refreshed and beautiful.
I received the Bremenn Clinical Instant Forehead Smoother. It utilizes a powerful combination of ingredients designed to help smooth the appearance of forehead lines, creating an immediate lifting effect for firmer and smoother skin. The result is a firmer, radiant and youthful appearance. The refining wonder also doubles as a toning cream for a sagging neck and “crepe paper” décolleté, instantly leaving skin looking fresh.

All Bremenn Clinical products are available online at, or at Ulta and Kohl’s stores nationwide.

Check it all out a Bremenn Clinical on Twitter.

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