Monday, August 18, 2014

Hush Hush FREE Panties!

Hush Hush! It’s an innovative panty that has a subtle absorbent pad built in, perfect for those with light leakage issues, moisture from working out, or worry of menstrual leak through.

It’s the Hush Hush Free Panty Program and here’s how it works:
·Open to women 18 or older in the continental U.S.
·All interested women need to do is complete a short survey – it’ll take two minutes or less!
·You get a free pair of panties!
·They are giving away 2,000 free pairs of panties to the first women to complete the survey.
·Anyone else who completes the survey (beyond the first 2,000) will get a coupon code to purchase the panty for $5 – that’s a 50 percent discount AND they’d get free shipping!

The Hush Hush line offers sleek, stylish and effective leak-control panties for women. They look and feel just like traditional underwear, and are machine washable.

Take the survey now to score your FREE pair!

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