Wednesday, August 13, 2014

#BackToSchool With Firefly Angry Birds Mouthwash

Firefly understands how important it is for kids to form good habits from the start. Play is integral to the product development. That’s why Firefly is committed to developing creative solutions that are Good. Clean. Fun.
We know and love the Firefly brand quite well in this house! So we were very excited to see that they came out with mouthwash! Angry Birds Anti-Cavity Mouth Rinse - Convenient “No Mess” cup attached to the bottom of the bottle that makes measuring the right quantity simple. Easy to use “Fun Pump” features your favorite Angry Birds characters. Available in Tasty Bubble Gum and Stella Berry flavors. Sugar-free. Alcohol-free. Contains fluoride to help fight cavities and strengthen enamel. Not hard to get Callan to brush his teeth and use the rinse when it is so much fun!

Check it all out at Firefly on Facebook, as well as Firefly on Twitter.

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