Sunday, July 6, 2014

Full Throttle - Racy Shades for Summer

Pedal to the medal nail polish ranks big this summer. Think racy shades in rubberized textures. SinfulColors introduces its Full Throttle collection this summer with a starting lineup of five smoking hot hues that'll put your nails into overdrive. The ramped-up texturized shades range from radiant red to a powerful punch of purple to fiery orange.
Here, these five race-iest colors are guaranteed to make you look like a champion, on and off the tracks!

Rain Rubber:
A brilliant burnout blue.
Burn Rubber:
A fiery-fueled orange.
Race Rubber: (I got this one!)
A powerful punch of purple.
Rubber Ball: (And this, which I am currently wearing!)
A passionate pit stop pink.
Red Tired: (And this one too!)
A racy, radiant red.

SinfulColors Full Throttle, $1.99 at Rite Aid in July and Walgreens in August.

Check it all out at SinfulColors on Facebook, as well as SinfulColors on Twitter.

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