Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Clean Cubes

Clean Cubes make recycling and trash disposal a snap - just open the Clean Cube, and fill it with recyclables or trash. When the Clean Cube is full, lift and tighten the drawstring on the plastic bag and dispose of the entire Clean Cube. Whether for parties, picnics, camping, boats, or any number of uses, Clean Cubes are a great solution anytime you could use instant trash or recycling bins.
We love Clean Cubes. They are great for every day use, but we love to use them when we have company over, like this past weekend for the 4th Of July holiday! They are easy to use, and simple, and keep things clean! And they hold a surprising amount as well! Love them!
Check it all out at Clean Cubes on Facebook, as well as Clean Cubes on Twitter.

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