Monday, June 9, 2014

The Icky Stick

The Icky Stick Pumice Stone Toilet Bowl Ring Remover is the most effective and safe way to remove stubborn Toilet Rings. Don't waste your money on expensive and caustic chemicals that are dangerous for you and the environment. Use the Icky Stick to gently rub out the rings caused by rust, hard water, calcium deposits and mildew. The Icky Stick gets what toilet brushes can't. The Icky Stick Pumice Stone is also great for stains in pools, hot tubs and on pool decks. The Icky Stick will Shape to all types of curved surfaces to make scrubbing easier.
To use, wet the Icky Stick pumice stone in water. Then gently rub the stain using a light sanding motion until the stain or toilet bowl ring disappears. The Icky Stick Pumice Stone is safe for porcelain toilet bowls.

I have to admit, when I first recieved this I thought, this is so not gonna work. But I was totally impressed! This removed a stain we have had in our toilet forever, and that I have scrubbed hundreds of times! Poof, gone! It's amazing!

Regularly the Icky Stick is about $6, but my readers can get it for just $1! The coupon code for the $1 Icky Stick Special is ICKY$1, and it only works at, all you have to pay is shipping and handling!


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