Saturday, June 7, 2014

The Bheestie Bag

The Bheestie Bag removes water from your wet cell phone, or other devices, fast. When your device suffers a plunge into liquid, the key to preventing costly damage is to dry it completely and dry it fast. When the life of your digital device is on the line, don't leave it in the hands of rice or silica packs. Bheestie's desiccant formula works up to 700% better than rice at removing moisture from your device.
We have not had a chance to use this yet - yet being the key word! I have dropped my cell into water before, and tried to dry it with rice, and it did not work the greatest! So it is nice to have these bags on hand for when it inevitably does happen!

Check it all out at Bheestie on Facebook, as well as Bheestie on Twitter.

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