Sunday, June 1, 2014

Coolway Brushes

Coolway is an award-winning hair care brand, founded with a vision of eliminating damage in every step of hair care and styling. From styling tools that work with low heat, to innovative cleansing products with no harsh chemicals, they believe in getting great results without damage.
Introducing the Knotty Girl Brush by Coolway - Leave your hair on your head. Not on your brush! Detangle your hair with no pulling, no pain, and no breakage! Though it might look like any other brush, the magic of the Knotty Girl Brush is in the bristles. The innovative SoftFlow bristles are specially designed to bend when they encounter a tough knot, loosening it a fractional amount as the next bristle loosens it a little more. By the time the knot is met by the 15th or 16th bristle, it opens up completely without pulling your hair out. The result leaves your hair free of knots, without the aggravation, breakage and pain caused by a regular hair brush. I like this brush on my hair, as it always is in knots. Also, I like that you can use this brush on wet hair too, and it works great!

Use the promo code: mycoolway28 so that you can receive 10% off your Coolway orders!

Check it all out at Coolway on Facebook, as well as Coolway on Twitter.


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