Friday, June 27, 2014

Buglet Bug Repellent Bracelet

Buglet is a reusable, all-natural insect repellent slap bracelet for kids. The bracelet houses a pumice stone face dial that absorbs and emits a mild scent of the insect repellent oil. The oil never touches the child as it is directly applied to the pumice stone, so it is great for kids with sensory and skin sensitivities. You just add more oil as the scent fades and more protection will be needed if the stone gets wet. The Buglet repellent oil contains 100% natural oils with 100% active ingredients. There is zero DEET or harmful toxins in this product.
I was skeptical whether or not a bracelet would keep bugs away, but it really does seem to help, and Callan thinks it is cool to wear the bracelet. I want one for myself, ha ha! Callan got the Funky Monkey Orange bracelet.
Funky Monkey is ready to repel mosquitoes and other pesky nibblers! The DEET-free, all natural bug repellent oils and vivid orange is the perfect accessory for any outfit. When wearing this stylish Buglet, kids are free to monkey around outside all day. Orange-dream color with fun monkey character. Soft, sweat-resistant rubberized material. Easy-to-use slap bracelet design. Tile and repellent oil included.

Check it all out at Buglet on Facebook, as well as Buglet on Twitter.

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