Monday, June 23, 2014

Bison Airlighter

Having spent years distributing products to the high-end barbeque market, the people of Bison recognized a significant need. Couldn’t someone develop a way to start fires easily, efficiently and quickly while still being safe for you and your food? Barbeque experts and amateurs alike are moving away from lighter fluids and chemical firestarters which are not only dangerous, but add unwanted flavor to food. And while fire chimneys work, they take too long to get a fire going. Electric solutions require proximity to an outlet. Matches and disposable lighters don’t provide the heat to start a fire with kindling. That was the challenge.
Bison developed the Airlighter from the ground up. First, a long-reaching flame provides over 2000 degrees at the touch of a button. The adjustable grip and long barrel allow you to safely get the flame where you need it in any grill, fireplace, or firepit. Add to that an efficient fire-propagating fan, and the Airlighter represents the fastest cold-to-cooking time of any available consumer product. And it’s fully portable so you won’t be looking for an outlet. For good measure, they added an integrated flashlight and even a bottle opener to make sure that it becomes you favorite tool.

We love this tool! It is bad-ass! We use it to light the grill, and the campfire! It is amazing! The perfect accessory for summer!

Check it all out at Bison on Facebook, as well as Bison on Twitter.

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