Thursday, May 8, 2014

Mother's Day Cupcakes From FamilyFun

What’s better than candy and flowers on Mom’s special day? How about candy flowers? For each "flower", start with a generously frosted mini cupcake. Press the candies listed into the frosting as shown:

1 - Petals: large gumdrops rolled flat and cut into thin strips. Center: large gumdrop.

 2 - Petals: M&M’s. Center: Sour Punch Straws cut diagonally.

 3 - Petals: raspberry candies and Sour Punch Straws cut diagonally. Center: small gumdrop.

 4 - Petals: mini marshmallows topped with flower sprinkles (attach them with frosting using a toothpick).

 5 - Petals: licorice twists cut diagonally. Center: blackberry candy.

 6 - Petals: Mike and Ike candies. Center: gumball 7 Petals: licorice pastels.

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