Friday, May 9, 2014

Ivy Kids Kits Pre-Launch Review

Ivy Kits are a monthly educational subscription for children ages 3-8 developed by early childhood teachers with children of their own. Their goal is to provide monthly resources and tools to parents and caregivers looking to have more meaningful learning experiences with their children. Each month you will receive a kit containing more than ten activities based upon a classic children’s book. The activities have been carefully crafted to encourage curiosity, problem solving, and creativity in young children. The Ivy Kit games and projects are a fun way to develop fine and gross motor muscles, build math and literacy skills, encourage reading comprehension, and promote scientific thinking. Each Ivy Kit contains instructions with ways to modify games to best suit each individual child and provide adults with questions to structure a child’s learning. There are enough games and materials in each kit to engage and cognitively stimulate a child throughout the month and can be replayed for years to come.
In July's Premiere Ivy Kit, featuring the book Jump, Frog, Jump! by Robert Kalan, you will find: The book, Read along Bookmark, to assist with reading comprehension, Story Sticks, to retell and act out the events in the story, All About Frogs, science booklet that provides fun and interesting facts about frogs, Create Your Own Frog Habitat, based on frog facts and materials provided, Make Your Own Frog, art project that is used in the Feed the Frog Game, Feed the Frog Game, roll the die to find out how many insects to feed the hungry frog and use the tongs to pick them up, Finger Frogs, puppets for play and singing, Lily Pads, numbered from 0-9 can be set-up to play jumping math games, Letter Jump, make the frogs jump to the lily pads and play different letter games, Race to the Pond Game, get the frogs to the pond and collect insects along the way, Frog Puppet, art project that is used for story telling.
The August Ivy Kit, Mouse Paint, is more of the same activity types, but themed for the book. Immediately Callan wanted to do projects. And we have done a number of the Frog ones. I have to say that this is thee best subscription box for kids that I have ever reviewed! So many different projects, and many of them you can use over and over, or use in different ways in play! These boxes are simple amazing!I love the personalization, too! Very cool.

You can use coupon code "IVYLAUNCH" so you can save $5 on a monthly or 3-month subscription or $10 off a 6-month subscription. For a limited time, they are also including a personalized item/activity for the child with every subscription.

 Check it all out at Ivy Kids on Facebook, as well as Ivy Kids on Twitter.

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