Thursday, May 1, 2014

Halo Belt

All kids like the glo-sticks sold at fairs and festivals, but give them a Halo Belt 2.0 and it could save their life. The Halo Belt was created to let you be seen in low visibility situations. It’s perfect for kids walking home from school or anytime conditions lower visibility. Your child can sling it over his shoulder or attach it to her backpack to get instant visibility. “Apparently kids don’t think its "cool" to wear a high vis neon jacket," said Halo Belt Founder Vincent Pilot Ng. “We wanted to design and create a product that made safety appealing to today's generation. Not only does safety need to have functionality, it needs to be able to connect with society's culture, lifestyle, and personality."
The Halo Belt 2.0 is an illuminated reflective belt that is bright and rechargeable. It works by using a combination of 3M super reflectives and a custom designed fiber optic system. The belt recharges in two hours via USB and provides 36 hours of use in flash mode. The Halo Belt 2.0 works better than reflective clothing and strips because those only illuminate when a light source shines on it. With the Halo Belt 2.0 the wearer is illuminated at all times. The Halo Belt 2.0 is the fourth successful Kickstarter project developed by the company whose mission is simply to save lives. 

We got a red one for Callan, which happens to be his favorite color. For now, he is wearing it on his backpack, but once school is out, he will wear it as a belt when needed.

Check it all out at Halo Belt on Facebook, as well as Halo Belt on Twitter.

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