Friday, May 16, 2014

Endless Love & The Top 5 Forbidden Love Stories

 When beautiful Jade meets charismatic David, her sheltered world of privilege turns upside down when the pair’s instant desire sparks a reckless summer love affair. While Jade leaves behind her inhibitions and innocence to fall for David, he works to prove himself worthy of her love. But when David’s mysterious past and Jade’s overprotective father threaten to tear them apart, their romance will be put to the ultimate test. Romance is as tragic as it is beautiful: two people together forever, through sun and snow, thick and thin, work and wander. In Endless Love, Jade and David’s romance goes from a relaxed summer fling to an impassioned affair meant to last the test of time, even as David’s dark past and Jade’s grieving father pulls them apart. Jade and David are but one of a long list of forbidden lovers in film history, another embattled couple fighting the odds before the silver screen viewers own teary eyes.

Here are five films from the last decade which encapsulate the same forbidden romance vibe of Endless Love:
1. (500) Days of Summer
Description: Who can forget how Tom battles for the conviction of love while Summer blithely pushes him away in fear of love itself? Certainly not David, who believes in finding true love in the face of great adversity, forging love with beautiful Jade as Tom does with Summer. Tom and David believe in the same things: true love above all. If they were allowed to roam the same movie, we think they’d be friends – friends to the very end, that is.
2. The Notebook
Description: A film like The Notebook would be unforgettable to a couple like David and Jade – in a lot of ways their story parallels that of The Notebook’s Allie and Noah. The tearjerker’s main couple battle overbearing parents, while poor country boy Noah must fight to win the rich Allie’s love, literally, when he becomes a soldier in WWII. Once you watch Endless Love’s David battle a sabotaged college acceptance, and fight for Jade’s true love, we think he knows Noah’s pain.
3. Slumdog Millionaire
Description: While Endless Love’s Jade and David erupt into love in the face of a brother taken too soon and controlling parents, Slumdog’s Jamal and Latika battle against class, gangsters and the expectations of an entire society as their young love grows up. Like Endless Love’s Jade and David, Slumdog allows the viewer to watch two lovers come of age before our very eyes; two couples unhinging their shackles to find eternal solace in each other.
4. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days 
Description: Silently a forbidden love film caught in a comedy, Kate Hudson’s Andie and Matthew Mcconaughey’s Ben fall in love despite Andie’s best attempts to ruin the relationship before it begins. In a way, the movie shows love as a kind of obligation, extending beyond work as Andie’s attempts to stay as far out of love with Ben as possible, who must do the opposite makes for enthralling, teary laugher of a romance.
5. Romeo and Juliet (2013)
Description: This film is a classic adaptation of the star cross lovers – Hailee Steinfeld’s Juliet and Douglas Booth’s Romeo play it straight as their two warring families try to pull them apart, something Jade and David know too well.

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