Monday, May 19, 2014

Amplicom PowerTel 7-Series Phones

Amplicom USA has introduced the PowerTel 785, a set of amplified telephone equipment and accessories that include an amplified corded phone with answering machine, a cordless handset and a wrist shaker. Part of the company’s PowerTel 7-Series, the items harness the company’s industry leading design and technology to deliver the loudest and clearest sound available. Together, they form a versatile telephone system that ensures easy access to all calls and a quality communications experience for all members of the household.

We recieved the Amplicom corded phone with answering machine. High quality sound and low distortion when amplified to max level. Adjustable volume and 3 equalizer tone control with HFE (high frequency emphasis). Integrated answering machine with up to 11 minuntes record time. Talk-back number and Caller ID Announce (incoming calls, missed calls and numbers in phonebook). Adjustable hands-free speakerphone. 3 programmable multi-user profile buttons where user can set Volume/Boost and Tone to preference. Expandable up to 4 cordless accessories (such as the included wireless wrist shaker). Can be used in the event of a power failure.

We have a few other Amplicom products, and just love them! And now a landline phone, because some people do still use a landline! Hee hee.

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