Friday, April 11, 2014

Weekly Wrap-Up 4/11

Nothing much new is really going on. I got back from a short trip the cities for my cousins wedding, and then life got back to normal! Callan is doing excellent in school. He got picked by the class for the Kindness Comments. They trace your body on paper, and then everyone in the class writes on it positive things, so that is cool.

There is a new family in our building, and they have kids. Callan has been playing with the boy. Tracked in a ton of mud today! Thank goodness for slop boots. Jason and I have been dealing with the VSO (Veteran's Service Office), and it looks like Jason will be able to get a higher disability rating, which means a little more money, and maybe some more care! 

Heads up for the weekend - an Easter Egg Hunt, and a Birthday Party! Oh yeah, and shampooing the carpet! Woot woot!

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