Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Make your children safer online

It is always very fundamental matter for all responsible parents to watch over their children. And not only in real life, but in the virtual one as well.  Nowadays, almost every aspect of our daily life has something to do with the online world, and the Internet came to be one of the most extensively used tools that man has ever made. It gained the position of very reliable source of information and knowledge, pushing away traditional media like TV or newspapers. However, it is also a place where numerous kinds of criminals found their safe haven and good base of operations. The feeling that there are pedophiles, hunting for their victims on social media websites or online chats must be terrifying to parents with little children. And the fact is that almost all children have profiles on websites like Facebook, instagram or tumblr and they spend a lot of their time there, so it makes them vulnerable to contacts with suspicious individuals. Another issue is the amount of time which children spend on being online or playing video games, which in some cases makes them addicted to such activities.

What must be done
It is certain that we, as parents, should do everything to protect our kids from any harm. May it be real or virtual one. There are plenty of actions we can endeavor in order to keep our children safe during their online activity. First of all, we must talk to them about positive and negative sides of the Internet. They should be aware, that there are many bad people online, from various kinds of thieves and hackers to sexual predators. We can teach them to be cautious with accepting new friend invites on social media websites or how to use privacy settings in order to protect their personal information. Also, we should inform them that websites with inappropriate content like porn and violence very often automatically install malware programs or viruses, which might lead to serious damage of our children’s computer and all the data stored on it.

How about software?
However, it is always better to be safe then sorry, so together with conversations and awaring our kids about the dark side of the Web, we should think about installing some specialized monitoring software, which would surely help us to keep everything in check. Programs like these, might offer a lot of useful options, for example you are able to set word filters on search engines or time limits on the Internet. All of them also offer the possibility to create blacklists of suspicious websites. Such software is also available on smartphones, and it can tell us the location of our kid. Through parental controls we are able to block every program on our computer, which should very handy for those parents, who have problem with their children’s addiction to video games.

Summarizing, we are not so helpless when it comes to protect our kids from so called “spiders in the Net”. Parental controls allow us to make sure that our children are not wasting too much time on the Internet and that they will use it responsibly.

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