Saturday, April 5, 2014

Lumi Dough

Lumi Dough brings a modern twist to old-fashioned fun thanks to the luminous, semi-adhesive silicon material. With its bright glow, Lumi Dough allows kids to extend their creative time even after the lights go out. From teddy bears with glowing bellies to cars with headlights that light up, kids can make their room glow with their own creations.
This innovative no-mess material is:
· Non-drying
· Non-cracking
· Reusable
· Antibacterial and non-toxic

New Lumi Dough gives children of all ages a fun and creative way to unleash their creativity, while strengthening vital fine motor skills and enhancing tactile perception. Featuring all of the best attributes of traditional mold-able dough, Lumi Dough stretches like rubber and molds like dough. Because it is reusable, children can shape and remodel over and over again for endless fun, whether it’s day or night. Callan loves his! He plays with it constantly. And it really doesn't get icky or dry! So much fun! A cool idea for the Easter Baskets!

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