Friday, April 25, 2014

Good2Grow Juice

Hitting shelves nationwide this month, Good2Grow is a new line of nutritious children’s beverages featuring delicious, healthful flavors coupled by popular, spill-proof character SippaTop bottle toppers that kids will love and parents can feel confident serving. The launch of Good2Grow aims to get kids excited about living healthy lifestyles with the goal of creating long term healthy eating/drinking habits. Promoting positive associations with healthy foods early on is key to making better-for-you choices in the future.
Available in a variety of flavors and age appropriate sizes, Good2Grow makes serving sizes a no-brainer with portion control based on guidelines from the American Academy of Pediatrics (4oz: ages 1-3, 6oz: ages 3-5, and 8oz: ages 5-10). Varieties include: Good2Grow V-Blends - Available in Tropical Fruit Medley and Strawberry Kiwi, Good2Grow V-Blends are a Vitamin C rich juice made only from the best ingredients. Made up of carrot, beet and apple juice, Tropical Fruit Medley contains 28% less sugar than 100% juice and Strawberry Kiwi contains 22% less sugar than 100% juice. Good2Grow Organic Apple is made from 100% juice and is a USDA-certified organic beverage. Good2Grow Fruit Juice - Available in Fruit Punch and two Apple Juice varieties. The Fruit Punch combines apple, pear, and grape to create a flavorful juice that will leave kids refreshed. All Good2Grow beverages are made only from the freshest, most nutritious ingredients and do not contain added sugar, artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.

Callan just loves these drinks, and not just due to the toppers! He favors the flavors.

Check it all out at Good2Grow on Facebook, as well as Good2Grow on Twitter.

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  1. We just bought the Good 2 Grow drink at QT on University Dr in Denton Tx and when my daughter opened the protective seal the drink was full of mold :(


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