Wednesday, April 30, 2014

FertilityBlend For Women And Men #Giveaway

Created by leading researchers, FertilityBlend is the first nutritional product to synergistically combine key natural ingredients to prime the body for conception, with individuals formulas tailored to the different needs of men and women. FertilityBlend For Women and FertilityBlend For Men were developed based on published scientific literature on nutritional components that benefit fertility and have a safe history of usage. In studies conducted with Stanford University Medical School, each formula has shown excellent results in both efficacy and safety.
Key ingredients in FertilityBlend For Women:
·Chasteberry (natural herb that supports good hormone balance and normal ovulation)
·L-arginine (amino acid that helps maintain healthy uterine lining)
·Green tea, vitamin E, and selenium (antioxidants that help enhance reproductive health by repairing oxidative damage due to aging and environmental toxins)
Key ingredients in FertilityBlend For Men:
·L-carnitine (amino acid that has been shown to be critical to the formation of healthy sperm)
·Vitamins C and E, green tea and selenium (all potent antioxidants that help improve sperm counts and quality)
·Ferulic acid (antioxidant that has been shown to improve sperm quality)


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