Sunday, April 20, 2014

Duracell PowerMats

Have you ever been waiting for a phone call, lost on the road, or looking to find someone, only to have your mobile device die when you need it most? Duracell, the brand synonymous with consumer trust around the world, has just unveiled its brand new ‘Portable Charger Set’ of backup batteries for iPhones and other electronic devices to ensure that consumers are never caught powerless again! The new bundle, available for the first time ever at all 600 Sam’s Club locations around the US, is comprised of two separate backup batteries for both daily and long-term usage.
The Go Power ‘Day Trip’ provides the perfect daily dose of power to more than double the life of your iPhone with an additional 1850 mAh of Duracell grade lithium ion battery power.
The Go Power ‘Long Haul’ will keep your devices – smartphones and tablets – charged up and ready to go for days! Plus, like all Duracell Powermat products, it recharges wirelessly, putting the power at your fingertips when you need it most! The Portable Charger Set is the indispensable modern day emergency kit that ensures you’re never caught powerless at the wrong moment. It’s the perfect gift for busy moms and dads, business travelers, recent grads or any avid mobile user.

We love these! They have both come in handy many times already! I love that my phone is always charged! Awesome!


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