Monday, April 21, 2014

As of today, John Cena is my personal coach!

The 10 Weeks BodyChange is an online fitness/nutrition program where John Cena sends a set of personal videos every week to the subscriber outlining a nutritional diet and recipes (that he has developed). Each week John also leads members through workouts he has developed to be the most effective – only twice a week at 20 minutes each.

The program costs $99 for 10 weeks and focuses on three elements –fitness, nutrition and motivation – to help promote a healthy lifestyle change. It has more of a female focus as this is meant to jump start healthy lifestyle choices, rather than intense workouts only or quick diet fixes.

John created this program after his father developed many health issues due to being extremely overweight. He found a successful European company who combined fitness and health and added in his own elements from his career and knowledge to help motivate his father to jump start a healthier lifestyle. His dad has since lost 50 pounds from being on this program and cured his health risks, and many people are raving about the incredible success the program has brought to their lives. 

I'm just getting started on the program, but so far it is great. Two times a week, for 20 minutes at a time? Who doesn't have time for that? You can't afford not to!

Check it all out now, and get ready to change!


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