Saturday, March 29, 2014

Weekly Wrap-Up 3/29

This past week has just flown by. Not sure why. We really were bums last Sunday and Monday. Callan does not go to school up here on Monday's, so they always have a 3-day weekend. Tuesday Callan started his school week, as well as a pretty good cough and cold that seems to be lingering. Ugh.
Wednesday after school Callan's Grandpa & Grandma K came to pick him up, and they headed into Bemidji for the Circus! He even got to ride the elephant! So cool! He had way too much fun and was soooo sleepy when he got home. Friday night Callan went to a sleepover at a friends house, and Jason and I went out with some of our friends for some adult drinks! Now, it is Saturday. Callan had a friend over most of the day, and then it was a pretty lazy afternoon. I don't think he is feeling quite himself yet. The coughing is terrible. So we just plan and relax around here, and hopefully not get snowed in here in Minnesota! Happy Weekend!

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  1. We had so much fun & I loved sharing my first elephant ride with Callan. Looking forward to many more adventures with him.


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