Tuesday, March 4, 2014

TwigTale #Giveaway

TwigTale creates personalized children's books to help young ones through difficult changes and childhood transitions, covering topics as diverse as preparing for a new baby sibling, to starting a school for the first time, to sleep training issues. The books are scripted by childhood experts so you know just want to say. Then you can personalize by putting in photos of you and your child. The masterpiece that results is a book that is incredibly effective at communicating to your child.
I chose My Mama Loves Me for Callan, and he really liked it. Just in time for his birthday, too! This personalized children’s book teaches your child about a mother’s love for her child. Or, you can easily change it up and make the book about daddy or any caretaker/relative! It looks at adorable baby animals and the parents who love them. This easy to make book relies mostly on stock photos. Because TwigTale’s books are customized to your child with personal photos, the messages are much more effective.


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