Monday, March 31, 2014

Tracking Medical Marijuana is a Budding Industry

Medical marijuana is legal in twenty states, the District of Columbia, and in Canada. In Colorado and Washington it’s even legal to smoke marijuana for recreation. With such a high demand for medical and recreational marijuana there needs to be inventory tracking otherwise pot growers may fall short on accountability and the black market can run rampant.
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This all seems odd but tracking marijuana is the antidote to black market sales. Believe it or not some marijuana growers have had to chip their pot plants with an RFID (radio frequency identification). These are not cheap for those who are farming cannabis on a large scale. Somehow many people never envisioned how complicated growing pot was going to be but no matter what way you look at this, it is farming that produces a cash crop.

From seed to fully grown plant keeping track of pot has become quite a business. For the states of Washington and Colorado this was easier before they rolled out the carpet to recreational use. Now that people over the age of 21 can legally smoke pot just for the heck of it, cannabis farmers have discovered that keeping up with demands has been nightmarish. Who would have ever thought that something as simple as growing pot would have ultimately become so high tech?

Can you imagine growing hundreds of pot plants and you have no choice but to track every single plant from the time you plant the seed to the moment it is on the scale? Keeping up with the high demand for recreational pot is not easy and there have been many times stores have had to either ration what they have to customers or they just don’t have any left on the shelves. Cannabis farmers are keeping very busy and this is great for the economy.

For so many people the mere thought of being able to walk through hundreds of pot plants would be a dream come true yet the reality is that legalized pot growers are doing this every day and earning a living from doing so. Many people in other states are eagerly waiting for the day that their state allows medical marijuana (and recreation use marijuana) so that they too can become entrepreneurs in a growing industry.

Make no mistake; growing marijuana is not as easy as it appears. This is way more than just farming (and this has plenty of challenges on its own); this is also a business that must run with absolute efficiency. Each seed, the location, the growth-phase, and production-phase all need to be efficiently tracked. Even nutrients and pesticides that are used in the growing phase must be tracked. From every seed to every gram of finished product, this business must be run according to the laws that govern them. Even if there is waste, this must be kept track of as well. That’s a huge task and finding the right product to help make production run smoothly is critical and this is why BioTrackTHC software leads the way.
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There is not a doubt that marijuana growers need a software solution that can help maximize the development of a grow house business plan. This software should include the ability to attain yield estimates, income, calculate energy costs, plan crops and budgets and more. Let’s face it; growing marijuana for business is high tech and there is a growing demand for management through mobile monitoring, email alerts, farm-wide monitoring and observation.

There are other necessary features of a good marijuana cultivation software system. Security is priority and having web-based patient information on the Internet is a disaster waiting to happen. Having a system that operates without the need to be online is best. Whatever software system you use it truly must be the most efficient seed to scale system available to ensure your business runs smoothly and your patient’s private information is never compromised. 

Katie Fields has been a long time medicinal marijuana advocate and has spent hours researching and writing about this topic. Having friends in the business, she knows that good tracking software is essential for successful marijuana production and applauds the hard work marijuana growers do every day.  

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