Saturday, March 22, 2014

The Wet Brush

There’s nothing better than the anticipation of getting away on vacation, and the day you finally get to start packing for your tropical retreat from the winter cold! You’ll head south and hit the beach for some fun in the sun, but when you’re getting ready for a night on the town, the only brush that will be able to handle your salt water drenched hair is The Wet Brush and you’ll be thankful you packed it!
Thanks to the Intelli-flex bristles of The Wet Brush, combing through your beach hair is now quick and painless! Designed with rapid recovery memory, the bristles will have you knot free and back sipping a tropical drink with a mini umbrella in no time! I love it! I like it on my wet hair after a shower, and I even love it on my dry hair. It seems to calm my frizzies down and make my hair sleek and soft!

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