Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Snugg - iPad 2 Case

The Snugg brand was born early in 2010 with their very first iPad case, one of the directors got an iPad and just couldn’t find a case that he was really happy with and all of the employees knew people who were saying the same thing. After a discussion (and a few drinks) they decided they should produce a quality iPad case that people would love and that’s exactly what they did.
I've gotten iPad cases from The Snugg before, and I just got this new one! This Snugg premium PU leather case in Electric Blue is designed specifically for the iPad 2. They have chosen to create a case that has extra storage for those who use their iPad on the road, or for people who like to keep everything in one place. The Snugg Executive iPad 2 case has 3 card pockets which will fit your cash cards, business cards, and travel cards in. There is an extra pocket that allows you to fit any papers or maybe even prompt cards in if you use your iPad in presentations. As well as these extra features, the case still retains all its original attributes - stands up perfectly for FaceTime. Flip it over and it's in the perfect position for typing out emails or anything else! PU leather was selected as an exterior material as it provides a tough, resilient and wipe clean surround with protection as a priority. The design, specific for the iPad 2, has cut outs for the front and rear cameras, speaker, switches, buttons and connection ports, and an elasticated hand strap which helps to provide a comfortable, improved hold while reading or using FaceTime. They haven't forgotten about the interior, selecting a soft, black, nubuck fiber that presents a quality finish that prevents scratches while cased. An internal Velcro tab provides an extra level of security, ensuring your iPad is tightly held in the correct position.

Check it all out at The Snugg on Facebook, as well as The Snugg on Twitter.

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