Monday, March 3, 2014

Practice on an LSAT Practice Test for Better Results on Test Day

For most students, preparing for the Law School Admissions Test involves months of study, starting with finding quality LSAT preparatory materials. Students often spend hours searching the internet for the best LSAT prep course online. But the process for obtaining sample tests and descriptions of question types shouldn’t require hours of time and legwork. If you are searching for an LSAT practice test, consider these time-saving tips for finding the best materials out there.

Understanding How Much Prep Time You’ll Need
LSAP prep courses offer everything from sample tests and tips and strategies for passing to videos and illustrations designed to explain what you can expect on test day. But before you can begin using these useful materials, you’ll need to know how much prep time you should schedule before the big day. Ideally speaking, you should begin your studies anywhere from 3 to 6 months before test day. This approach means you will have plenty of time to familiarize yourself with test directions and question types, practice on sample tests, which offer first-hand experience of what happens on test day, and decide on which test-taking techniques and strategies will bring out the best in you come test day when the pressure to perform well is on.

Because the LSAT is timed, consider working under the same time constraints that you will have on test day. According to the Law School Admission Council Inc., the test is comprised of five 35-minute sections, excluding a writing component, which you have 30 minutes to complete at the end of the test. If you cannot immediately meet the time requirement for each section, work up to it one by completing multiple sample tests over the course of your training period. Slowly reduce the amount of time you allow yourself to successfully complete the individual sections until you are well within the allotted time.

The key to working off an LSAT practice test is repetition. You will want to practice on one LSAT practice test after another until you are completely familiar with the instructions and question types. Doing so will allow you to think about how you would answer a similar question on test day.

For a free LSAT practice test as well as more preparatory materials, visit This helpful website offers the educational tools you will need to achieve your full potential. You can familiarize yourself with thousands of LSAT practice test questions as well as connect with experts who’ve mastered the test. The more you practice and know about the LSAT practice test, the fewer distractions you will face on your actual test day. You might not be able to avoid some anxiety on test day, but at least you can say you are as prepared as possible. Visit 7Sage now to learn how you can start preparing for the LSAT today. With so many students already using the site for there LSAT prep needs, it’s a wonder you haven’t joined in on the action.

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